Who Owns The Buffalo Bills? Unveiling the Team’s Ownership

The Buffalo Bills, an iconic NFL franchise, have a storied history dating back to their founding in 1960. With a passionate fan base and a strong presence in Western New York, the team has been the subject of curiosity regarding its ownership. In this article, we will delve into the question, “Who owns the Buffalo Bills?” and explore the current ownership structure.

Who Owns The Buffalo Bills? Buffalo Bills Ownership History:

Ralph Wilson Jr., a legendary figure in NFL history, was not only the founder of the Buffalo Bills but also their unwavering owner for over five decades. His dedication to the team and the city of Buffalo was unparalleled, and under his leadership, the Bills became a prominent and beloved franchise in the NFL.

However, in March 2014, the NFL community mourned the loss of Ralph Wilson Jr. at the age of 95. His passing left an immense void within the Buffalo Bills organization and raised questions about the future of the team. As the longest-tenured owner in the NFL at the time, his influence on the league was undeniable.

Ralph Wilson Jr

In the wake of Ralph Wilson Jr.’s passing, the fate of the Buffalo Bills was uncertain. It was a pivotal moment in the team’s history, as it necessitated the sale of the franchise to a new owner or ownership group. The transition from the stewardship of Ralph Wilson Jr. would be a significant turning point, not only for the team but also for the passionate fan base that had supported the Bills through thick and thin.

The subsequent sale of the Buffalo Bills and the emergence of Terry and Kim Pegula as the team’s new owners brought a sense of relief to fans, ensuring that the Bills would continue to call Buffalo home and carry on their legacy in the NFL. The Pegula family’s commitment to the franchise and the Western New York region has since been a reassuring and positive chapter in the Buffalo Bills’ ownership history.

Pegula Family:

The acquisition of the Buffalo Bills by Terry and Kim Pegula in 2014 marked a new era for the franchise and solidified the team’s presence in Western New York. The Pegula family’s extensive involvement in sports ventures in the region, including their ownership of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres, demonstrated their genuine commitment to the area’s sports community.

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Terry Pegula, in particular, was no stranger to the Buffalo sports scene. His previous ownership of the Buffalo Sabres had already earned him a reputation as a dedicated sports owner who understood the unique passion and loyalty of Buffalo’s sports fans. This experience made him an ideal candidate to take the reins of the Buffalo Bills, a team deeply ingrained in the fabric of the city.

The Pegulas’ acquisition of the Bills was met with resounding enthusiasm and relief among fans. It ensured that the team would not only stay in Buffalo but also thrive under their ownership. The Pegula family’s deep pockets and unwavering commitment to building a winning franchise bolstered the team’s long-term prospects.

Under the ownership of Terry and Kim Pegula, the Buffalo Bills have experienced a period of stability and investment. One notable example of this commitment was the extensive renovations to the team’s home stadium, formerly known as New Era Field and now Highmark Stadium. These renovations not only improved the fan experience but also ensured that the stadium remained a viable and modern venue for the team.

Moreover, the Pegulas have continued to prioritize their involvement in the Buffalo community. Their philanthropic efforts, including contributions to local charities and community initiatives, have further endeared them to the people of Buffalo. Their dedication goes beyond the football field, making them not just owners but true stewards of the Buffalo Bills franchise and the city itself.

Future of Buffalo Bills Ownership:

While Terry and Kim Pegula have provided stability and a bright future for the Buffalo Bills, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the landscape of sports ownership is dynamic, and circumstances can change. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the Pegulas continued to be the owners of the franchise.

Where Buffalo Bills Stadium 35

However, it’s worth noting that ownership changes, sales, or other developments can occur in the sports world. The NFL is no exception, and teams occasionally undergo shifts in ownership structure. To stay fully informed about the current ownership status of the Buffalo Bills, I recommend regularly checking the official team website and reputable sports news sources. These sources are your most reliable channels for up-to-date information on the ownership of this iconic NFL franchise.

For fans and stakeholders alike, keeping an eye on any potential changes in ownership is important, as it can influence the team’s direction, investment decisions, and long-term prospects. The Buffalo Bills have a storied history, and their ownership is a critical factor in shaping their future.


The Buffalo Bills’ ownership has evolved over the years, with the team currently being owned by Terry and Kim Pegula. Their commitment to the franchise and the Buffalo community has been a source of stability and growth for the team. For the latest information on the ownership of the Buffalo Bills, always refer to trusted sources for the most current updates.

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