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Tennis is the favorite sport of many people. Therefore, game developers have now created these game simulation applications and quickly attracted very high installs. With beautiful graphics, simple, attractive, realistic simulation errors, tennis games have been highly appreciated by tennis game lovers.

Remember retro-styled sports games? Dust off your racket and set your friends around the couch with Super Tennis Blast! A tennis game for tennis enthusiasts, made by fans of arcade games. Game, set, match! Ready to have a blast?

Super Tennis Blast

Super Tennis Blast is an arcade-focused tennis game from Barcelona’s unfinished programmers and provides the type of play that this sub-genre of sports games has been around since the 90s.


Adopting a colorful interface with simple character design, the game certainly brings the same simplicity as the old school and it has the right gameplay. Instructions in the menu system are relatively complete and explained in detail. At a basic level, they are exactly what you expect, bugs play like other tennis games.

Smash that ball and have a real blast enjoying the best tennis! Start your professional career in the World Tour mode, train your skills and become a tennis legend playing on courts around the world. Host couch parties playing tournaments in singles or doubles with classic rules or the awesome Super Blast modes. 5 minigames and a powerful avatar editor complete the best tennis experience out there.

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